Wednesday, January 4, 2012

One Quarter Through Life Some God-ly Like Thing Created

Some say words are just that . . . . letters combined to make a noun or a verb and eventually a sentence. Well in our case words is all we have. Our friendships settlement is based on words. Even if it’s not proper English at times, our urban usage is quite intellectual. I’m not aware of the date nor the time but I know that sometime two years ago she and I exchanged blog information and it was up hill since then. People don’t realize how personal blogs can be. A person literally spills their heart and disregards the world on the web. It’s one of those bittersweet moments. The feedback is usually the bitter part. Nobody likes to get criticized. The sweet part is venting and seeing all your thoughts in writing. All of those thoughts nomadically wondering in your head, it doesn't make sense up there. But when it’s out and clearly readable that just tops anything else you do. And for some people it might seem like a waste of time. Logging in and posting shit that might not get read. But that’s not why we do it. We blog because it makes us feel good. Fuck you and your feelings. Splurging on the web is like indulging on a good steak. It’s an unparalleled feeling. The point is, I’m thankful for her and her blog. The things she writes and mentions sometimes turns a sorry ass day upside-down. Other days, her posts make me feel angry; I literally want to hurt the person who’s making her feel that low. But I respect her thoughts and words. And I know she was raised right. Her parents brought up quite an elite young lady so that soothes me down. Plus she has good friends and family among her that will be there for her since I can’t be there ALL THE TIME. Just know that I’m always there . . . in your corazon. And that I’m rooting for you constantly. I love you woman.To the girl with the red lipstick and insane shoe game, happy 24th born day Botcho. Live it up to your expectations. Efff the rest. Peace


Carmen Lee said...

That was so sweet of you too write! Now Thanks to your Blog, what her Blog makes you feel (happy or angry) yours has the same affect on me. Unexpected people come into your life for Unexpected Reasons, wither or not you haven't realized the meaning yet, some unknown 6th sense is felt. Thank you Perla

PQT said...

I'm forever grateful to have met you and gotten the chance to get to know you. Thank you for your support and your words. You are beyond kind Lee. <3 :]

Anonymous said...

I read this on my birthday and wanted to give it a real reply. YOU, miss, are the most appreciated thing in my life right now.. and solely for your words. Fuck it, that's all we got, and I don't mind. Not when they're this good. And believe me when I say, this was damn good.

Thank you for making me feel so special! I hope you know that you're equally as wonderful in my eyes, perhaps more!

- botch

PQT said...

De nada! I am also forever grateful for having you in my life. Even if you do live 1,526 miles away. I am looking forward to many more years of this! <3 :)