Sunday, March 25, 2012

Drunkard Mess

Blank. Dot dot dot. Not so blank. I really do rage. Almost never. But last night I couldn't sustain myself. I can only take so much. And she pushed me to the ledge. I hope she's satisfied. She ruined it for me. I'm exaggerating. But I'm encountered to do so. I hope one day, soon, she puts down the liquor. Not for me but for herself. Drinking is a problem when you're in denial about it. If she could only see that drinking only ruins her as a person. She becomes this horrible person when she's drunk. Unrecognizable. I really dread those nights. Please, get it together. Please. Before you end up in a body bag. Or you put someone else in a body bag and ruin the rest of your life. And the rest of their lives.

I'm cringing at the thought of posting this. But this is how I feel. And if I can't get through to you, maybe somebody else will. Peace.

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