Slow Friday, No SXSW

March 16, 2012

This slow day has me thinking. And I'm thinking more than usual. Nobody is here at the office. Everybody is off for Spring Break. Which leads to the following discussion. 

I invest money on pretty hip music festivals. Always up for a good show. But I'm just plain stupid. Austin is like 3 hours away from Houston and yet I fly thousands of miles for other festivals. Pay big bucks for festival passes. Dinero for hotels, food and drinks. Yet I don't invest on SXSW, which doesn't require a flight? What the hell is wrong with me!?

Next year, Botch, you're coming to Houston and we're driving to Austin. We can purchase the festival passes ahead of time as we did with Coachella, and we're SET. It never occurred to me before. And SXSW is not just Indie bands. It has stepped up it's Rap line up dramatically. 

I suppose this was just food for thought. And it's barely 1PM. What else will this beautiful mind of mine come up with before 5PM. Stay tuned. Peace.

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