Monday, April 16, 2012

About Time Perla

After going through a mid-crisis and cutting off all my hair in the spare of the moment, I have finally decided to add some color to it. I'm going with the whole "ombre" style. Here are a few pictures. My hair is the length of Miley Cirus's, so that's the ideal look I'm going for. I literally can not wait for Wednesday, I want this hair glamoured up and ready for Cali ALREADY. Have a loving, blessed Monday. Stay up. Peace.


Carmen Lee said...

You should def ombre it! I did it and I love mine! :) ill send u a pic!

syntifik said...

OMG. So I had an appointment to do the exact same thing to my hair today but had to cancel until after Cali. Like legit, the exact same. Check the pic I sent my hair dresser..

I guess we won't have the same hair for Coachella, but we will def have the same hair for May.