Monday, April 2, 2012

Back Again

I'm back to my lean diet & protein shakes. I'm beginning the second part of Insanity as well. I ran 3.5 miles yesterday morning & my thighs are paying for it today. No pain no gain eh? I really enjoy running. I literally have to force myself to stop or else I'd probably continue running till' my heart gave out. There's this nearby park that I just LOVE. I love the trees & the smell of fresh bark. I love the animals that scatter off when they hear your foot steps. I love the butterflies that glide right past me. I love the fresh scent of pine and wild flowers. I love running past all of this with music playing in my eardrums. It's just so majestic to witness such beauty. I sound like a hippie. I even act like one at times. But this is who I am. Why try to be anything else!? Peace.


RemarkabLEE said...

It looks so wonderful!! & I've enjoyed running again like I use to before now that I lost some weight my endurance is better now! I like running at memorial but its not the same they cut down so many trees :( but other than that I love the inspiration I get from other ppls bodies! Soon Pearl Soon!! Keep up the hard work!

A Writer Writes said...

I've never ran at Memorial. Sorry to hear that. Trees are necessary! Sigh. Well on the weekends maybe we can meet up & we can go running together. Ever since I got sick a couple weeks ago, I wasn't doing anything Lee. It was to hard on my chest. Bronchitis is the worst. I just sat around and watched TV. So I'm ready to get back to it! & yes ppl's bodies motivate me as well LOL WHOOP.