Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Blog Love

We live off in this eerie, cyberspace world,
Where we can waste hours in front of a monitor, as if time wasn’t a concept.
A place where another hit doesn’t really matter. Or does it?
Many of our entries won’t get read,
While a subtle amount will.
But that’s not why we do it.
People have this misconception about this. Us.
Some people may read our words out of pure interest,
Others will intentionally search for our blogs just to be nosey.
“Take your nose off my keyboard, what you bothering me for?”
Most may coincidentally stumble upon it.
Some of our avid readers are blogger's that 
have became fond of our writing over time.
20% are friends we physically, intimately know.
And they will always, support us indefinitely.
There’s times where we can’t hit the “backspace” enough.
Times when we abuse the “caps lock." & the exclamation marks.
We hesitate on some posts but 98% of the time we will post it.
Disregarding the repercussion. . . . if any.
On dreary days, we let our minds and fingers do the work.
Our mind just lingers along like a shadow.
And our hearts are aligned with our thoughts.
Words are our most powerful weapon but also our biggest weakness.
Who will find this offensive?
Who will find this motivating?
It's like flipping a coin in the air.
Our interests are flaunted with words, pictures, music & videos.
And somehow, we make a tiny difference. 
To ourselves, at at least.
And we do this for ourselves.
For the sake of our sanity.
We don’t need your opinions or approval.
Nor your hate.
Take it else where.
Not here, not on our time.

Thank you.


Carmen Lee said...

Amen to that! You always have the right words to say Pearl Jam! <<-- Ha Ha I like that!

Carmen Lee said...

Oh and its funny because my Overview on my stats says that the top traffic sources are from google.com So someone must be really interested in my LIFE lol!!

PQT said...

YEP. Most of my hits come from google searches. If these ppl only realize we know way too much. LOL.