Not Just Yet

April 04, 2012

It hasn't hit me quite yet. I will be in Cali in approximately two weeks. & it hasn't hit me yet. Don't get me wrong I'm excited as fuck but it's not like my last trip to New York. I had money to spend. Money to blow. Right now, I'm on such a tight budget, that I can't even get myself all hyped up & solemnly I have myself to blame. 

I'm able to pay off my bills, which makes me feel incredibly independent, I also help my mom with anything she needs. I handle my own. I don't ask anybody for extra help. NOBODY. And I told myself, "You have to make the best out of everything Perla. This life isn't promised, so if you have it, spend it." & that's why I book vacations to random places, with familiar faces. 

"I've never really been one for the preservation of money. Nah, I much rather spend it all while I’m breathing." Drizzy

& I've lived off those words, way before Drake even released them. As usual, I will save what I can, what I have too & I will invest the rest on memories. Now that my friends, can not be provided in any form of currency. As I always say, "Stay lifted". Peace.

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