Wednesday, April 11, 2012

She Said She Said

She said she wish she never met me
cause she can’t just help but let me
go ahead do whatever the hell you want.
She said she hate how much she need me
turn around, and say she don’t need me.
Always talking about she gonna leave me
but she don’t.
But maybe this time I’ll be different
cause she shed so many tears
She’ll remind me of all the dumb shit that I’ve done all over the years
but she don’t be tripping in the morning, I got her legs up by her ears
but as soon as we get done, I swear this is all I hear . . . 

. . . . She said, you ain’t no good, no good
but if you feel so good
She said, what if I could?
but I gotta leave you alone, 
She said I gotta leave you alone
I, she said, I know you bad
but I want you bad
She said, she said, makes me so sad
that I gotta leave you alone

I said, I gotta leave you alone.


Carmen Lee said...

Jamming over here**

PQT said...

UGH. I can't stop listening to it LOL