Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Mother's Day to All The Lovely Mother's In The World!

Her abundance to help others is out of this world.
She loves purely.
She is hearty.
She puts God and others before herself.
She is reliable and trustworthy.
She is my rock.
She is my shadow.
She is my total existence.
My admiration for her is incomparable to any other being.
She is wholesome.
She is someone I confide on.
She is my best friend.
Her very own name is the definition of hope in English.
She gives me that and so much more.
She takes charge and owns any situation.
She is charming.
Her exquisite personality outshines the universe.
She is substantially generous.
She is appreciative of life.
She is the rarest gem you could find.
Her character is eminent.
She is my air.
She is my water.
She is my blood.
God has granted me the greatest gift in life.
My bearer.
My self being.
My days, months, and years.
My Mother.


Carmen Lee said...


Happy Mothers Day Pearl!

PQT said...

Thank you Lee!