Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lee's Tag Questionnaire

I usually don't participate in questionnaires but Carmen is always including me on her blog. (Which I appreciate greatly). So to kill some time and to put a smile on Lee's face. I am submitting the answers to her questions. GO!

1. Do you read the posts of the people you follow or just scan through them? BE HONEST. It depends how much time I have. But mostly, yes, I read there blogs thoroughly.
2.Give your best Joke and response. My jokes suck. I am doing y’all a favor by not providing you all with a joke/response. Honest blog.
3.Straight or Curls (Hair) - Curls
4. Hunger Games or Twilight? Harry Potter didn’t make the list? Shucks.
5. Describe yourself in one word? Just one word! Pensive
6. Have you ever been in love? Yes. I’ve been IN & OUT of love my entire life.
7. Who is the hottest celebrity? That’s easy, Carmelo Anthony.
8. If you could have the face of a famous celebrity who would it be? Mmmmm. I can’t picture myself with somebody else’s face. I like my face.
9. If you lived in a world where you could only put two makeup products what would you choose? Eye concealer and mascara.
10. What/who is the biggest inspiration in your life? My Mum. She is fearless. I hope to become half the woman she is one day.
11. Random Fact: I alphabetize & color code everything!!! Sigh.

Here are my questions. If you happen to read this & feel like answering them, feel free to do so. Please notify me in some way so I can read your responses. Thank you all. Peace.
  1. Who is your favorite artist/group? 
  2. Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall? 
  3. Name the one person that comes to mind when you hear the word "Blue". 
  4. What thrives you onward? 
  5. Smoothies or Slushies? 
  6. Your favorite author? 
  7. What is the first thing you do in the morning? 
  8. Who is your hero & why? 
  9. Favorite movie? 
  10. Beauty or body? 
  11. Your infatuation?


Carmen Lee said...

You did put a smile on my face!!! YAH!!! LOL

Vivid said...

Great blog! : ))

PQT said...

Thank you so much!

PQT said...

That was my intention Lee. Have a good weekend madam :D