Friday, May 4, 2012

Long Live The South

Last night one of my indoor friends/lover, I'm not quite sure what he is, but that is besides the point, he skimmed through my CD collection a couple months ago and my taste in music didn't quite fancy him. I prefer old school hip hop/rap, decent vocals, and anything that sounds radiantly good while being accompanied by a saxophone in the background He likes ruckus, commotion, and young/new artists. I love music PERIOD. Last night we discussed my music genre, once again, and he told me to listen to a few on the rise artists he very much approves of. I popped in three mixtapes. Big K.R.I.T., 2 Chainz, and A$AP Rocky. I must say that out of all three of them, A$AP was the finalist that conquered my eardrums. I did get to see him at Coachella & all I could get out of his fans was. . . "I be that pretty mothafucka." Botch even purchased a shirt with that saying. And as we sat on the lawn, she sang along, and motioned a gun with her  hand, " This is the way it goes, this is the way we roll, cause everyday we out of pesos. Gun cock, gun shot, gonna lick a boy."

And from our tiny debate, to the extent of reaching out to my music guru from Canada, oh. . . and the help from Google. A$AP was born and raised in Harlem ( I was wrong Mr. Lazo) Content? I can admit when I'm wrong.  But even when I'm wrong I get my point across. So there. . . You win!! He reps Houston in most of his songs and particularly points out what Houston is mostly known for. . . . you guessed it. . . Codeine!!! It could be purple or could be pink, depending on how you mix that shit. His music also incorporates the Souths' screw & chopped genre. He is very optimistic with his words and he fancies UGK to the fullest. With all of that on his mixtape, how could I possibly not favorite him huh? Houston till' the death of me. Peace.

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