Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pass On By

It’s a stage of consternation that I can not fade. As I drove home, the sudden stroke of discontent passed on by. And I’ve came to the realization that I don’t care about our friendship anymore. It saddens me to the lowest level of remorse. Neither the amount of years nor progressive, treacherous memories we’ve made are sufficient enough to keep this friendship soiled. I don’t have the urge or need to make the attempt to keep things relevant with you. I am sure you are aware of the space between us. We’ve both grown and shifted into different crowds. And you and I know very well that those crows are like oil and water. Nothing in this world could ever bring them together as one. So this void continues to grow along with it.  You were once one of the most significant beings in my world. You’ve kept me together and together we have fallen apart. Not only once but several times. You were there at the peaks of my lows and the lows of my highs. You kept me calm that night. You kept me calm that morning. Like every shooting star, for a brief moment, which feels like a lifetime, oh what a wonderful sigh, is then gone with a blink of an eye. The impact you left in my heart is just as magnificent. I will love you entirely and forever. And I my heart will always wish you well. I just have to accept this. I hope you can accept this too.


Carmen Lee said...

I hate situations like this, but things happen for a reason... xoxo

PQT said...