Monday, May 7, 2012

Sailor Moon

She's the most beautiful kitten in the world. No disrespect to the other felines . Luna, which translates to Moon in English, suits her well. Her coat fades from an ash grey, to a midnight white. And who can disregard those turquoise lazuli eyes? One of my friends said she's a 'model cat'. Ha-Ha. She cat walks that runway quite fiercely. O' how we love you Luna Buna. Peace.


Carmen Lee said...

You know I don't like cats but she is quite exquisite! I love her eyes. :)

PQT said...

We've always had a cat. But there usually outdoor. When we got her she was so tiny. She couldn't even feed herself. So we bottle fed her. And now she's the queen of the house. She does whatever she wants hahaha. Yeah her eyes are a beaut!!!

Carmen Lee said...

Lol!! aww