The Founding of My Blog

June 11, 2012

Don’t use your words as fuel. Don’t shoot them back and forward subliminally. I started this blog a few years ago, not in the sense to disrespect anybody nor to publicize any insults on the web. I started this blog for my own sake. It’s a way to detoxify the mind. I found a place to release everything. And might I add that I was quite humble of having it. I just told a few close friends. No one else had to know. And from there and on others have started to follow.

I started this blog way before I joined any social network. I didn’t have a particular audience nor did I care aout having one. I don’t use my words to start a brawl. I didn’t care if it got read or not. I started this for myself. I wrote about those beings in my life. And the emotions they would rattle up within me. I never meant to offend anyone.

I didn’t start this yesterday, I have been doing this for years. Please, don’t ever think this was started because of you. It has nothing to do with anyone. It’s a solemnly my own. I know I have this way of writing which incorporates more than what people may want to read. But this all I know. This blog itself is an experience which has taught me a lot along the way as well.

It has given me more than I could ever possibly imagine. It has been the structure to many uprising friendships. It has inspired me in so many ways. This blog is key. So the next time you find yourself thinking that I use this blog to disrespect, make sure you click your way back through time. I have been doing this way before you or you.

This wasn’t founded for anyone but me. Keep that in mind. Stay blissful my friends. Peace.

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