Friday, July 6, 2012

Dislike Over Hate Any Day

I've accepted that no matter my trials and effort; some people and things are inevitable. I find myself surrounded by certain individuals I am not very keen about. And although I don't socialize with them, just the thought of there faces make me cringe a little. Or alot.

I have learned to love alot. Hate is something I do not practice. As my Mom once told me in my very rebellious years, as she sat with me in the principles' office while we awaited the arrival of the evil troll herself, "Perla, I just don't understand why you just can't be polite to this woman!" "Because I hate her Mom & she makes my life miserable." She gave me one of her famous looks, "Hate? Perla. . . hate is a strong word." Well. . . "It is better to use the word dislike. Nothing in this world was created out of hate."

And every time someone behaves ugly or uses harsh words to criticize or emphasize a certain prospective. . . I really do think they dislike there very own life. Why else would they behave that way? Being a "hater" just makes you that much sorrier. Step it up. Peace.


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