Monday, November 12, 2012

Back to the Start

I opened up my heart to you and you returned the favor by slapping me in the back with deception.
I haven't felt this way in years.
I've guarded my heart for so long.
I told myself I didn't have time for anyone else but myself.
And then you came around.
I told the guard to take a hike and I opened up to you.
They say you get what you give. . .
I gave you honesty & pure loving.
You gave me what I wanted to hear not what had to be said.
I have so much to say but I'm exhausted of saying it.

& I can't even hide it.
I can feel this gloomy cloud hovering over me.
My eyes are so weary.
And this smile is beyond forced.
I need my covers. I need a fort.
So I can hide from the world till this agony secedes.
Before you, I could be with anybody and I was certain this heart would be untouched.
You can't hurt if you're heart is not in it.
Body to body is no where relevant to heart to heart.
It's like seeing a shooting star and not believing in making a wish after it.
It's nothing to you.
But to me it was breathtaking.
It was hope and beauty all in one.

I'm back on the lonesome boat.
Time to sail the seas all alone.
Aya aye captain. Von voyage.
You do me wrong and I'll wish you better.
Because I was raised that way.
Now go back to her and keep her by your side.
Because I don't share my shooting stars with anybody.

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