Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Post For 2012

The Usual: Bring in the new year with my parents. And if I don't have Alex I am THEN able to go else where with my friends. My Mum would go bazurks if I brought in a new year else where. So here we are. All of us. Sometimes the usual is the best way to go about.

May 2013 be another opportunity to do better, be better.
I hope you find that calm after the storm you have so eagerly sought out.
Change comes from within and it is felt by everyone you encounter.
So shine bright.
And everything begins and ends with you.
So leave an impression in their heart.
Love and be loved.
And always let go and let God.

From me to you, have a safe and prosperous upcoming year.

Happy 2013!!!!

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