Thursday, January 3, 2013

Little Big Things

Even if I'm feeling blue I try to find the brightest hue of blue of the moment.
There's not enough words for feelings.
You can't stop things from happening but you can control your mind.
I'd give you every bit of me if you'd let me.
I take deep breaths almost always because even breathing is a blessing.
I value people not for their income but for their worthiness.
I pray when I wake up, when I take that first turn out of my street, before I eat, after I eat, before a match, after a match, for the hours I complete and the paycheck I receive, for my day, for my evening, and before going to bed.
And sometimes I utter words to Him throughout the day.
I pray almost as nearly as much as I think.
I am obsessed with tea. Any tea.
I love my glasses more than my contacts but I don't wear them as much. Odd.
After a long day at work I know my reward is on the face of my seven year old. That smile of his.
Those are your pair of shoes, not mine, so don't be so judgmental.
People that have left your path have left a trace behind.
Good or bad there mark is there.
And it's not coincidental. Before them you didn't know it all.
What trait have they left behind?
Maybe they introduced you to sports or a good sushi restaurant or a new artist.
Regardless, they were the ink to your pen for that time being.
And that's well spent time. Time you can't get back or regret. Never a waste.

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