Thursday, January 10, 2013

So Far So. . . GOOD.

I am going to complete my 4th day of The Asylum Insanity and let me tell you. . . my whole body is soar. Especially my upper and lower abs. And thanks to yesterdays work out. . . now my calves. I haven't worked out in over a month and my body is hurting! But I love the feeling. NO PAIN NO GAIN! It aches to sneeze or even to cough. Good stuff if you ask me. 
I'm quite excited to continue onward with this fitness program. I dread long term commitments, even "90 days" is just too much for my mind to handle. So I will take this 30 days at a time.
I love how The Asylum focuses on different staminas. One day it's weights, the next day you concentrate on speed. I've played soccer all my life and I need this. . . my body needs this. So yes, I'm determined to complete these 26 remaining days.


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