Sunday, February 17, 2013

For Our Public Audience

& when you part this Earth, what legacy will you leave behind?
Will they talk kindly about you or will your name leave a bad taste in their mouth?
Would tears of sincere condolences roll down their cheeks or would they turn the other way with out remorse?

& when people like us part? Then what?

Then you'll find your way back here.
& you'll read our dearest words and our intellectual thoughts, our struggles & our point of view on how things occured, & you may disagree but this our story write your own, you'll get a sense of our music genre as well as our favorite writers and quotes, a place where that part of us can't be contained, our habitat and our public safe houe. The place where we lost it & then regained it just as quickly.

& you're always welcomed here. Always.
Thank you

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