Thursday, April 18, 2013

Chaos Left & Right

All this fucking chaos in the world, which is constantly reoccurring. It's just not so common here in the US. But bombings and deaths are felt & witnessed by others every single day. Poverty and empty stomachs in dark corners of the world are rarely brought to light. And it always makes me question humanity to an extent.

When shit hits the fan in America, race isn't a factor, neither are politics. Donkeys and Elephants? No idea what you're referring to. We see this heart breaking shit on TV and all we want is the motherbeeps head on a platter, medium well. And this is coming from a vegetarian.

My coworkers stop at my desk every morning since that disastrous day and they ask me for updates. "Have they found the fucker that did it Perla? A pressure cooker? Was it Alqueda?" I usually never get a peep from anybody early in the morning.

The sympathy is visible. . . the concern on their faces says it all.

I'm the type of person that reads articles from different sources all day long. I read mostly. But that same day  of the Boston bombings I walked in to my home and I saw my entire family watching the news. And as my son is doing his homework, not looking up at me he says, "Mom I don't understand. I don't understand why they keep showing it over and over again. We know people are hurt. We don't need to see it over and over again. It's sad Mom. And it just makes people more and more sad."

A childs mind is so innocent. I just want the fuckers who did it to pay for this hideous senseless crime.


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