Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Every Seven Years

They say a person changes every seven years, meaning I've been three different people in this life. 7, 14, 21. And I can see the change in me even now. And I'm not that far away from 28. At 7 I had NO responsibilities  My mother dropped me off at school and I enjoyed pink milk more than any subject. I could care less if my shirt and skirt matched. At 14, I took the bus to school and I dropped the pink off the milk and called it for what it was, strawberry milk. And to earn extra bucks for clothing, I helped my Mom at her job every Saturday. Because my sneakers had to match my shirt. At 21 I had a full time job and I drove myself to school. My passion for strawberry milk never changed. Both my son and I enjoy pink milk. My preferences for clothing seized to exist. A loose shirt and some sweat pants were my best friends.

And change is forever welcomed. I eagerly await my 28th birthday.

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