Thursday, July 11, 2013


& just like that everything you have worked for crumbles.
This morning I got a really good job offer, better pay, less miles, shorter commute; yet they (current not so current job) managed to make me feel like shit. I walked in & told my boss lady I was resigning. Properly of course. I offered my two week notice and she told me, "Tomorrow will be your last day. It's protocol." Since I'm going to work for another home builder I completely comprehend that. That prevents future prospect thievery (so not a word) insight on future home production etc. Cool. Tomorrow is my last day. I can mentally prepare for that. I can wrap my head around that, just give me a pillow to sleep on it. After all I was there for over two years and a half. An hour later she walks up to me and says, "Irrational 1 & Irrational 2 say you have to go NOW." "Why? Are they mad?" "Yeah, I don't know what was said but they think you were trying to take some of the project managers with you?" "WOOOOOW. Really?" "I know it's not true but that's what they just told me." I grabbed the little belongings I had. .

A can of tuna
wheat tortillas
notary stamp & book
my purse
cell phone
usb drive
coffee mug
and my sweater. . .

And just like that. . . tears flushed my eyes. My boss & I have a great relationship. She is the most wonderful boss ever. The other two. . . let's not express that just now.
I was pissed.
Really? Taking co-workers with me?
What is this? The Devil wears Prada.
Fuck off.


syntifik said...

Fuck them b, clearly they are no good. CONGRATS GUHHH. KILL THAT NEW JOB. Unh.

Carmen Lee said...

:( Sorry about this ... there just jelly and mad!

PQT said...

I'ma kill it B! Haha.

No sad faces Lee. Those idiots can suck a lemon :)