Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Design & Construction Consultant

I LOVE MY NEW JOB! Hopefully they like me just as much. And I hope they keep me after my 90-day prohibition period. Yesterday I went out to the job site, and I spoke to the homeowners, their house is ginormous! And my boss bought me lunch. She is persistent but she's also very kind. I suppose you have to be that way or else you get stepped on. And I don't see that happening to her AT ALL. She's so BOSSY.

"You don't have to love me. . . you don't even have to like me. . . but you will respect me. . . cause I'm a BOSS." Who doesn't love that Kelis line?

My other boss and project manager also joined us for lunch, which is also a woman. They're all about GIRL POWER over here. Anyhow, Blackwalnut Cafe hit the spot. And then we were off to another meeting. I sat in three meetings and I enjoyed speaking and listening to the homeowners. Even if all they rambled on was about cabinet colors, Cherry or Walnut, small floor plugs and huge ones, shower handles, kitchen faucets and there depth, the difference between matte and sheer Egg shell colors. I loved it all. It was a wonderful second day of work! Peace.


Carmen Lee said...

Aww I'm happy for you!!!!!!

PQT said...

Thanxx you Lee! :)