Saturday, July 27, 2013

Your Library

I am not a complete tragic novel nor part of a drastic love story.
I'm not always the brightest star in the sky.
But you will never see me crumble.
I will never feel that darkness that you carry in your heart.
Because I am enough.
This story will reach it's climax eventually.
Love and drama and sadness is inevitable.
But I am responsible for my own sentences and my own words.
I am as hard as the cover of a book.
And as gentle as the pages within.
You can read a book from cover to cover and still miss the big picture.
And I am responsible for seeking those "in-between s".
You can put me down and pick me back up and you can take me places.
And once you're done with me you will still remember almost everything.
You will forever carry my words and my actions in your mind.
And you will never forget my character.
Not in this life time.
I will always be just that. . . another precious book in your library.

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