Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fantasy Football 2013

I decided to join one of my oldest friends, Brandon, league. So last minute that the draft is tomorrow. And it's not an auto draft either. It's a snake draft so I had to do some research.

 I came up with a clever name for my team. Or so I thought it was clever. Come to find out there's alot more Rated R names out there then I presumed. But not on my league. Eh ehm, drum roll bitches. . .

Rated R for Rodgers.

Yeah that's it.

It was either that or Pay Me In Sacks, Sack City, or The Rodger Show. But my brothers suggested the one I'm currently using because the whole "sack" use well . . . men will be men and they'll assume I'm talking about a different sack. Go on and laugh. I did. And I don't want anybody paying me in those kind of sacks. Ewwww.

I just finished my draft picks based on stats, bye games, injuries. etc. So I'm ready.

Oh and then to make things more interesting, Brandon and I are going face to face that first week.

Just great. Because this is my first fantasy football team and he's playing (managing) seven other fantasy football teams.

The fuckery.


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