Sunday, August 11, 2013

Orange is the New Black & My Sunday

I'm not sure if it's the stomach flu I got over the weekend or crossfit but my body is soar from head to toe. My bones ache and all my muscles feel tight. I feel like a truck ran me over, reversed & then hit me all over again. I started watching "Orange is The New Black" and I can't get enough of it. I really hope they make a second season or else I'll be left wondering what's going to happen next with Piper. I'm on the 12th episode with one more left to go. It's a witty show about several women and their life behind bars. I like how the inmates have flashbacks about there lives before they were in jail. You get to know their individual story. It's worth checking out! I just hate that it's a Netflix  only series. So if you have Netflix or if you know a good site that offers full episodes . . . watch on.


syntifik said...

I finished it last night! They have been renewed for a second season and I'm going crazy waiting for it.

PQT said...

I finished it last night, as well, Botch. I really hope Piper doesn't beat her ass to death. I'd hate to see her in jail forever. But I'm also not very happy with her (Piper). I don't know anymore.


Ok. Love you. Byeee.