Mean Kids

November 07, 2013

It finally happened!
A couple of punk kids (bully's) started verbally insulting my son.
Two days ago my sister picked him up and she noticed he wasn't his usual self. He seemed a little down and she could tell his spirit was broken. She asked him if everything was ok and he replied no.

"You know how I wear my Lebrons sometimes Betty?"
"Well the car riders make fun of me because my sneakers are purple and aqua."
"What do they say Damian?"
"They say I'm G-A-Y (he spells it out because he obviously thinks it's a bad word) because I wear them."
"And that makes you sad?"
"A little."

My sister called me in secrecy (from him) after she got home and told me all about it. And it made me upset and then there's that stubborn knot in my throat that forms every time they tug at the wrong cord.
I got home and I asked him how his day was and he told me it was just fine.
He wouldn't budge. And after asking him if he was sure a thousand times he gave in.

"I didn't want to tell you because you're going to talk to the principal or to those kids."
"Why would I do that? What happened?"

So he tells me what happens and I immediately start walking towards my dictionary. 
Keep in mind my dictionary is from 1996. I make him look up the word GAY and it states it's a feeling of happiness, over joy. And he looks up at me and he starts laughing. 

"Those dummy's don't even know what it means!"
"Exactly but you know what else it means right, Damian? That's why you spell it out."
"I know it's when a girl likes a girl and a boy likes a boy. That's why it made me feel bad."
"Well they're making fun of your shoes not YOU. Something made out of materials. So you can either stop wearing them and make them happy or keep wearing your favorite sneakers and keep hearing them. Your call love." 

I also showed him my cousins boyfriends instagram. He collects shoes and he's fond of bright GAY colors (as those mean kids say), pastels, and any special edition sneaker out there. He went through his instagram and wanted all of those shoes! So I think he's going to be a little sneaker head. And he just smiled and started doing his homework.Well the next morning and the morning after that he wore his Lebrons. And I suppose he's dealing with it. And I'm very proud of him. I asked him yesterday if they were still calling him that and he said yes but that he didn't care.

 That's right Damian Alexander give them your first Ye shrug. Proud Mom. Peace.

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