Thursday, April 3, 2014

Books I Do Adore

When I browse through the book section at a thrift store I pay more attention to the author than the title. I always go for my favorite authors and then for book titles I've read good things about or books that have been recommended to me. I've read so many books that I sometimes can't remember them all, so I read the first page and then it all comes back to me like, "Yeah, okay, I've read this before." Today I picked up these two books for a total of $3.08. Such a bargain! I've been wanting to read Uwem's nonfiction story for what seems like forever. I can't wait!! As for John Eldredge, I've read nothing but good reviews.

Carmen - I searched for the book you recommended but no luck. It I'll turn up - I CAN FEEL IT! pq

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Carmen Lee said...

It would have to turn into a gift then :)