Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Thursday Morning

My Thursday Morning

My boss yells out from her office, "Perla, please go downstairs and bring me the color fan for Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams."
(Walking down the stairs)
As I open the drawer with the color fans a piece of leuder hits my shin. What's a leuder? It's a heavy ass piece of limestone!
I yelp, "Holy crap"
"What. . . what happened?"
"A piece of leuder hit my shin!!!"
"Is there blood?"
"Hell, I don't know!!"
"No blood!"
"Hey, maybe you should wear your shin guards all the time!"
"Yes Jeannine, that's the ideal way to protect my shins 24/7, wear my soccer shin guards underneath my pants."

We both laughed hysterically. Must be the paint fumes getting to us - Who knows honestly.

My morning has consisted of bruised shins and paint colors and then alot more paint colors. You won't believe how many different hues are in one single gray color. You'd think gray is just plain old gray. WRONG. If you hold it a certain angle you can see greens, blacks, yellows, plumbs and all different type of hidden shades.

Shhhhhhh, I secretively love paint colors.

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