Monday, June 2, 2014

Six Month Review

So here's the thing. . . we've made it to the middle of the year and there's still a few things that I need to resolve before the year ends. I took a quick glance at my New Years resolutions and so far I'm able to cross off 6 out of 14.

Those odds are not in my favor.

1. Be on time. I am usually late. Although, ever since I started seeing my boyfriend and punctuality is key to him, I've been on time more often than not. So thank you my dear.

2. Fried food! My nemesis! I sort of splurge once in a while. Meaning, that I'll have a cheat snack which turns into a cheat week, which turns into a cheat month. You get my drift? Yeah, if I keep eating this way my ass won't be drifting anywhere!

3. I haven't spoke or spent time with my girlfriends in weeks! Months possibly! Sure we had an outing last week but who can carry on a conversation when there's speakers the size of myself blaring all night? I need my friends, a nice round table, coffee, and their love and affection. And their words! I need it soon.

4. Reading, ugh. I need to step my game up. All these beautiful books and no one to read them. Enough is enough.

5. Tone, tone, tone! Must I go into details?

6.  See Botch this year. I'll be able to cross this out pretty soon. Smiling quite gaily.

7.  Eat more greens, please refer to #2.

8. Hopefully I'm still able to take Damian to New York before the year comes to an end. Everybody cross your fingers.

And that's my "Get It  Going Perla" list.


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