Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My Nephew & His Helping Hands

Anything and everything that has to do with my father is very personal. He’s frail like a delicate flower, petals barely holding on but yet so full of life. I’m very emotional when it comes to him ­— just about anything will set me off.

Yesterday as my sister and I sat down eating at the dinner table, mother was helping dad off of the couch in the other room, when she started exclaiming, “Girls, come see what Tebis is doing!” Tebis is a year and four months old. As my mother walked behind my dad, holding on to him, my tiny nephew did the same thing! He was holding on to his legs with both tiny arms and somewhat appeared to struggle while doing so.

He helped my mother walk him into his bedroom and then he walked back to the living room to play with his toys. We applauded him and thanked him for being so helpful. I smiled at my sister and held back the tears. And I think she did too. I’m guessing he sees my mother do this so often that he finally decided to help her out. Like, “Okay Grammy, I can’t let you keep doing this on your own.” And he stepped in.

It filled my heart with joy and little sadness at the same time. 

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Carmen Lee said...

It's hard holding back the tears.