A Little About Him

April 14, 2015

before this began
we were neither here or there
you were just another stranger
but every other day i caught a glimpse of your smile
and i'd wonder about you
i'd wonder what you were like outside those four walls
my curiosity grew and grew
and somehow yours did too
we were compelled to one another
by some unseen force
we were drawn to each other
like the moon is to this earth
not even gravity could keep us apart
our friendship flourished and blossomed
and it grew and grew
the way flowers do
"Through the dancing poppies 
stole a breeze most softly to my soul."
now you're here and i'm there with you
my best friend, my lover
you are one of the best things that's ever happened to me
and as the days go by
 i discover something new about you
about us. . .
you have touched my heart and my soul
and my heart has never known a love like this
i love you d.r.t.

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