Thursday, July 2, 2015

Twenty Seven

Today is my last day being 27 years old. And I’ve concluded that I’m so over it. 27 broke me in an incomprehensible way. And I know that after today not much will change. Not right away, at least.

I'll grow out a couple more grey hairs, I'll keep working out to stay sane, I'll still be a mother to a child that is almost taller than me, I'll still be in love with my best friend, I'll still be a student, I'll still have the greatest friends in the world, I’ll still be a sister and a daughter, I'll still be one of the unfortunate many that has lost a parent. I'll still be me in every way but just a tad bit older. And maybe 28 will be better and maybe it won’t. I know my heart needs some reconstruction, as well as my mind. I need to learn how to deal with missing my father and continue to learn how to adapt without him. Yet, I’m pretty optimistic that 28 will give me that. Life goes on. . . until one day it doesn't. 

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