Sunday, September 20, 2015

Busy Weekend With Him

I couldn't ask for anything more from this man. We spent our weekend with family and friends, watching movies and weight loss reality shows, biking through the city, and simply enjoying each others company. I am grateful for the weekends we get to spend together and for the time longing to see one another when we're apart. Yesterday, on the way home as his eyes focused on the road, I gazed at him in a plentiful way. He smiled and asked me what I was thinking. I said to him, "It's so freaking crazy how much I love you. . . the way I feel about you. . . I never thought I would fall in love this way." I am not the type to mush over my feelings, to profess my love and affection towards a person but on this particular night I just wanted him to know exactly how I felt. He then smiled some more and told me those three words I love hearing and reading. And I leaned over to kiss him and he said that was more distracting than texting and driving because I have to unbuckle my seat belt and lean so heavily to my left just to reach him (short girl problems.) Anyhow, his sense of humor wins me over, again and again. I can't even blame this on pure luck, he truly is a blessing of some sort. 

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