Monday, February 22, 2016


There is sadness in all of us. - In every heart and soul something aches. And it can only be suppressed for so long. We carry it within like a bad thought waiting to surface, like a bad day waiting to unfold. I sometimes sit here and stare at your pictures, trying to memorize every line on your face. I stare at them knowing they'll make me sad. But I don't ever want to forget you. I never understood death. I never understood why people react to it the way they do. . . angry, depressed, in a state of shock, numb to it. You love a person so much, it doesn't matter if it's for several years or a few seconds . . . one day you just have to come to terms of living without them; settle for the memories and the photographs. I will continue to reset my clock for you. I will begin and restart the endless days of keeping it together and then falling apart over you. Because feeling it all over again reminds me of how real you were. . . are. I miss you every day Dad.


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