Thursday, June 6, 2019

To The Left

We’re in a car - filled with silence - the tension is so thick you can slice through it.
His foot is on the pedal – angry as hell – and these tears won’t stop falling.
He looks at me in disgust – like I’m swine swimming in filth.
I look onward not breaking my gaze from the passing lights.
If I just focus on something – something – maybe he’ll let it go.
Foolish me.
I turn the radio on and she sings to me, “Me, myself, and I”.
I start singing along – I turn up the volume and for a split second I feel fearless.
I can pick myself up and I can let this go, “And there ain’t no need to cry".
He aggressively slams on the radio knob and I snap back to reality.
I turn it back on and he grabs me, his nails digging into my arm.
He asks, “Is this your stupid motivation to leave me?”
He laughs at me. I don’t respond back. I sit back, and I take it.   
I continue to take his repulsion towards me, his insults, and his child-like tantrums.
But who’s more of a child? The one who stays or the one who acts this way?
Foolish me.

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