Thursday, January 2, 2020

A Decade Ago

A decade ago. . .

I was 22 years old
I had a four year old
I was a vegetarian
I was broke & still living with my parents
I had one cat, Luna
I was in college (part time)
I was obsessed with someone who never loved me
I obviously didn't love or respect myself either
I was single
I was lost in my own ways
I had a sick father at home
I had a strong mother
I had a sister & two brothers
I had my health
I had great friends (a handful)
I had God on my side

The start of a new decade. . .

I'm 32 years old
I have a fourteen year old & two step children
I'm no longer a vegetarian (that lasted 5 years)
I'm no longer broke nor living with my parents
I have four cats (Millie, OJ, Salem, Whiskers)
I finished college (yay)
I'm obsessed over someone who loves me more than I love myself
He has taught me self-respect & the meaning of true love
I'm married
I have found myself in some ways, still searching though
My father is no longer with us
My mother is even stronger
I have my sister & two brothers
Along the way God blessed me w/a nephew, two nieces, & a sister in law
I still have my health (not sure about my sanity)
Those great friends are still around & I made some new ones (love you new friends)
I still have God on my side!

May I continue to grow and learn from my mistakes, I hope this upcoming decade is better than the previous one. You win some, you lose some. Cheers to 2020!

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