Friday, May 29, 2020

Where Has Time Gone?

It appears once this pandemic hit I completely abandoned my blog. In all honesty, I've been very busy. Busier than before! My life has not been altered by this pandemic in a negative way. I still go into work at 8am and pray to God that my boss leaves the office early on Fridays, so I can go home early as well. It's been the usual 8-5. One positive outcome is spending more time at home (during lunch) with my son and being his part time teacher. I really enjoy that! I wish I was working from home, so I could be with him even more. He would probably hate that though.

Other changes we took for granted were eating out and having a few drinks at our favorite local bars and breweries. To-go food is just not the same. We also miss our friends and family. Alot of them are working from home or have made the choice to self-quarantine, so they have less of a chance of catching and spreading the virus to others. WE MISS Y'ALL & TOTALLY UNDERSTAND.

We established our home gym way before any of this started. So, we're extremely lucky to have a place to work out, and very fortunate to have all the workout equipment we need. But I do miss cycling and plan to go back in July. We're utterly blessed to have our health and our jobs. And even more blessed for having healthy family members and friends. Mother nature took a hard jab at us and she's totally winning. And I say we let her!
So much has changed over the past few months, it made us realize how often we take things for granted. It also, made me realize how unsanitary my pre-pandemic self was. I've never washed my hands so much in my life! We also missed out on a great wedding that was supposed to take place at the beginning of April. Our close friends decided to get married over Zoom on their wedding date either way, so we got to dressed up, sat in our living room, and watched them get married on our laptop. It was such an emotional experience! But they'll make it up to us in September!!! They managed to move all their wedding vendors to another date. How great is that??!

Although, we started looking for a new home before the pandemic started, we decided to make a move and purchase a home while the pandemic was in the rise. The interest rates dropped so low in April, we were lucky to lock in such a low rate. We knew our jobs were secured since we were both considered essential workers, so we pulled the trigger and purchased a home at the end of April.

My heart is so full of joy that it could burst into a million pieces. I couldn't be happier right now (even with everything that's going on around us in the world). My husband and I have worked so hard for this! We've saved and saved over the years, slowly paying off all of our debt, and just being patient with this whole home buying process. It was a first for both of us! Buying a home is such a roller coaster ride. The American Dream is a steady race, not a sprint. (If you do it right, at least.) So, we're slowly checking off our goals on our check list.

Please stay safe and healthy out there.

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