Friday, May 29, 2020


I had my blog on private for a few weeks. I know, I'm not proud of it either. But last night my friend Botch (who I became friends with on this blog, on this platform) made me realize that this is my safe place. All it took was a simple link! She sent me the link to her Spotify playlist. She compiled all the songs she listened to in the month of May. And I realized music is what brought us together and has taken us to several music festivals around the country.

Last night, I sat in my tub, clicked on her playlist, and I realized how much I miss listening to new music, which made me realize even more, how much I love sharing good music on my blog. I was into the third song on her playlist, hitting "favorite" on each one, when I thought to myself, "This should be on my blog for others to enjoy." Except there was one problem, it was private.

This is my place to unwind - ten years of doing this. So, if anyone decides to search for my blog intentionally and read what's on here, and decide to make my writing or posts about them, well have at it. I can't live my life differently to please others. I can't help you, and as BEY would say, "I Ain't Sorry."

I wouldn't be my fathers daughter if I lived that way. So, here I am. You can take what you want from my words and run in the wind freely with them. Or use them as advice. Pick your medicine, because no one is offering poison around here.

Your thoughts can manifest any scenario inside your head. "Remember you spend most of your life inside your head, make it a nice place to be." - Unknown.

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