Monday, June 8, 2020

Nothing Left

if you've ever wondered if I care
just know that I did
now I'm running in despair
I have decided to make myself vanish for a bit
like bag lady, I've packed all my bags
thought of the days you held me down, with your never ending nags
you stripped me from my happiness
and made me hate myself along the way
I'm the one who carried us
and look where that got us today
you're miserable
and I'm vulnerable
you're like a lion on the hunt
and I'm the hyena you laughed at with all your stunts
I'm miles away
no feelings left to play
I can see my resting place
no room for your petty disgrace
a place to dwindle down
with no sight of you around
like the center of a hurricane
filled with that stillness
no tears, no rain, no pain
nothing left within us

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