Saturday, July 18, 2020

Rest Easy

Sadness isn’t just a feeling, it’s a wave of sorrow that passes on from one person to another. It’s a form of silent telepathy: the message is crystal clear, but words don’t need to be spoken.

My great aunt passed away last night, and although I wasn’t close to her I have this profound connection with those around her — those that knew her and loved her. My mother. My grandmother. My uncle. My cousins. I could sense the sorrow in my mother’s voice over the phone. I felt that sadness. It echoed loudly, without a word being uttered. That was my grandmother’s sister — can you imagine losing a sibling? I cannot. I don’t want to.

When a loved one passes, there’s moments of disparity and inner chaos that won’t silence itself. It passes through you aggressively, like a thunderstorm. It’s pugnacious and unsettling. It keeps you up at night and nothing you do relieves you from feeling this way. Time can be on your side; it helps you heal a broken heart. But a broken heart from losing a loved one is unrepairable. You must continue to live on with this missing, broken piece inside of you — without this person.

We’re put on this earth to love each other like crazy. Love is the answer to of all this madness. It’s not wealth or good careers or materialistic objects. It’s pure and simple: LOVE. So, take a good look around — are you in love with your life? What can you do differently to live your life righteously? What can you let go of? On your dying day, will you have any regrets? The answer should be no.

Live your life truly, madly in love. Not just with your partner but with your family and friends. So often, we take things/people for granted. All of this can be taken away from us in a matter of seconds. According to my family, my great aunt lived her life the way she wanted — without any boundaries or set rules. She lived and loved freely. 

My prayers & sincere condolences go out to the Diaz family & to the Saldivar family for their recent loss. Heaven gained two more angels, two more stars to shine upon us at night.

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