Wednesday, July 1, 2020

The Paranoia Is Real

Covid-19 has taken so much from us, it has shut down our city in ways we never thought was possible. It has spiked over the weeks and who really knows when all of this will die down. Out of all the bad things that could happen in this world, we did not predict this one. This virus is hyped up by the media and by self-inflected paranoia, that spreads like wildfire. Yes, it’s deadly. Yes, anyone can get it. And until someone you know tests positive, it becomes a little more real to you. Well, at least for me it did.

I have friends and co-workers that have tested positive and have recovered. I have friends that are still trying to recover. I have friends who had one spouse test positive and the other one didn’t. I have friends that have lost a loved one. I have friends that knew a relative that were asymptomatic. But the important thing that most people overlook is that this virus affects everyone differently.

Not everyone dies from it. If you have a strong immune system, your chances are higher than others. The younger you are the better. The only thing you can do to help this from spreading is to: wear a mask out in public, wash your hands constantly, avoid touching your face, stay home if you’re feeling sick, inform others around you if you’ve traveled, and most importantly, GET TESTED IF YOU HAVE TO. Be considerate of others around you.

Back in April I felt sick, and although I didn’t have every related Covid symptom, I didn’t want to take any chances of spreading it and decided to go get tested and my results came back negative. I had shortness of breath but it was related to my asthma. Three weeks ago, my coworker was exposed to someone who tested positive, he also tested positive, so I had to get re-tested. I was home for a whole week waiting for my results, they came back negative.

Sure, it’s a hassle getting an appointment or waiting in that long car line but it’s the humane thing to do, especially if you’re around others. Do not brush it off. Don’t assume you have it until you get tested. Don't tell people you have it until you're 100% sure. In all honesty, not knowing starts messing with your sanity. And it’s such a relief to just know if you have it or not.

We have to stay positive and pray to God that this pandemic will run its course and then disappear (hopeful wishing.) Don’t spread fear or negativity on this subject, turn off the news, and spend more time doing things that help you relax. This doesn’t have to stop you from living your everyday life. We just have to be more cautious when we’re out in public, if you decide to do so. Learn to adapt to our new normal. Don't jeopardize the safety of the people around you, go get tested if you're sick or just stay home and self-quarantine.

Many thanks to all the healthcare workers that are putting in overtime to care for others and for putting their lives at risk while doing so.

Be safe out there.

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