Friday, December 18, 2020



Another year, another birthday without you. Today you would’ve been 58.

I’ve accepted a few things over the years. It seems like time has been on my side. I've come to terms that I will never see you blow out your birthday candles or see you eat another piece of cake. 

No one on this planet can mimic your every move: the way you kicked a soccer ball, the way you cheered on your favorite soccer team, the loving way you would say “cabron” or even the way you unwrapped a tamale on Christmas eve.

Everything you did was unique in your own way. It’s everything that made you my dad.

I sit here with no tears, no sadness, just an uncomprehending emptiness that no one else can fill. An emptiness that's more of an acquaintance now.

But I will never stop writing these minute, essential self-reminders, that keep your spirit present in my life and in my heart. You’re an everlasting part of me and no one can take that from me.

Happy heavenly birthday Pa!



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