Friday, February 20, 2009

And It Continues Ticking

Nine minutes and counting! That is the time I have to complete my first blog. Neverless, Im looking forward to getting out of here. Perhaps playing soccer with my sister this afternoon. I have no plans for tonight but that can always change. Lately things have been very shady, It takes me a little longer to fall asleep than before. It's very exhausting for me the next day. Im a free spirit writer. I write what I feel. I still have a journal, I refuse to call it a diary. That stopped around the age of sixteen. Its official name is Journal. I write to release what ever is being triggered at the time. Its a type of yoga for the soul. (Four minutes remaining) With the time I have remaining, I will turn of this computer and clean up my desk. That's another pep-pee I have. Being organized is a most definite. Food for the soul Gloria, sometimes things happen for a reason, they happen and you must make the best out of it. You either leave it or accept it. Live with it or not. Ignore it or realize it. What ever it is that helps you sleep at night. Times up. Peace.

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