Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Piece of Cake, Piece of Pie

From time to time, almost 20 years to be exact, God created one of the most mismated, unique human beings. Honestly, she has developed in to a great individual. It took her some time but she now has a good head on her shoulders. Sooner or later she will be putting an end to crime and corruption. She will be the hottest cop in the city. At tough times, she's about one of the few people I can count on. Besides being my sister, she is my best friend. Were not always in good terms, we have our discussions and our arguments but with out these moments we wouldn't be called siblings. We would just be like everybody else. Besides the point that were like day and night in apperance and interests, our friendship is what keeps us together. In hand to hand, or text to text now days, I'll be your back bone as long as I can. I love you dearly sister. Peace.

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Sister love.......

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