Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Leap Year 2009

Our dear friend hit the big two five and we celebrated with alot of enthusiasm. She has a common but very rare birthday. I say common because there's a variety of people that share this odd day. She was born on February the 29th, not many people find this date eary but its known as a leap day. It only falls every four years! Some people celebrate it the 28th of February, others chose the first of March. So yes, yes y'all, Miss Traci is a rare flower. It all started with small talk and ended with long laughs. She had the buffalo chicken strips and I had my steak, Drea and Chito had a burger if im not mistaken, and Cin had the buffalo chicken strips as well. Proudly, none of these entrees ended else where but in our stomachs. "Im just having one Cosmopolitan", that's what I told them when I arrived. "No shots please", that's what Trace responded. Sorry to say, but neither one of us sticked to our guns. I had never witnessed so many red headed sluts at one table in my entire life.(inside joke) Shot after shot, toast after toast, all we would hear was the "cling" of the glasses when they were held up high against each other. It started it off with one picture here and another picture there, next thing you know, Trace is going around the table posing with everyone. Ha-Ha. Even though I left earlier than the rest of y'all, I really enjoyed the time being. I hope you had a stupendous time Trace! Happy Birthday, hopefully there is more and more nights similiar to this succesful celebration. Peace.

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