Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Just Laugh A Little Harder

Am I to blame for having what makes me happier at this exact moment? Am I being unreasonable and forgetful on the principles of respect and pride? Is security too much to ask for?

Undeniably, we chose the people whom pertain to our life. No matter the situation, good or bad, there is a certain individual that will light up in your mind like a lonesome firefly mesmerizing by a swamp. It ill be the only thing in sight that will illuminate his or her grace in to your arms. Events that take place in a life span reflect on a persons character. Things such as love or lust, deaths or the birth of a child, in this world, every positive has its negative. Betrayal and disloyalty, in my case, is usually what scars a person internally. The word "trust" is taken for granted and a like to love, it is easily destroyed. To build that bridge that took so long to cross can take longer than you can possibly imagine. Sometimes it gets so tiring, that people give up half way. That's why so many marriages, relationships or even friendships end. At times you have to take a look at yourself, stare deeply at the person that is staring back at you, are you satisfied with what is there? Peace.

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