Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Layed Out Straight

As this life prevails I understand things a little more and more now. I understand why God makes things happen for his convenient reason, how one second can change and improve your mentality on life. Today I faced one of my biggest fears. I've managed to stay away for as long as I possibly could. I always made such a big deal about it, preparing myself for the day I came to face with this thing that managed to haunt me day and night. And when I least expected it, there it was right infront of me. I had to see it for myself, I had to absorb it, laugh at it, and disregard it. And a little part of me, a part of my soul feels lighter, it feels guided by the most high. Things will be alot easier from now on. I can honestly say I'm over it all. I want it all that's why I strive for it- Drake. Peace.

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