Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tap Into This

We all want the “good life” but if we keep this up, no one will be able to enjoy it. I really need to stop watching documentaries. They fill my brain up with all sorts of facts–A strong doze of knowledge and complete vast discretion on what’s really going on in this world. And the truth is we indulge on pointless shit daily that we never take time out of our busy days to wake up and smell this polluted air. Out of all the documentaries I’ve watched, I think this one pissed me off the most. Enough pissness that I’m blogging about it. Tapped is the name of the film, and I feel as if someone just tapped me on the shoulder and said “Quit ridiculing over bullshit and get with the program.”
“We are the only creatures on this beautiful planet that are capable of destroying it all.”
Nothing else is capable of such inhumane horror. I’ll stop right here. Enjoy the Tolune (paint thinner), Styrene (Cancer causing agent), Pthalete (fetus deformity agent) and PETE/PET (Benzine) that is found in your bottled water. Peace.


Priscilla said...

No authoritative or regulatory body anywhere in the world classifies styrene to be a known cause of human cancer. Moreover, a study conducted by a "blue ribbon" panel of epidemiologists and published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (November 2009) reports: "The evidence of human carcinogenicity of styrene is inconsistent and weak. On the basis of the available evidence, one cannot conclude that there is a causal relationship between styrene and any type of human cancer."

Priscilla Briones for the Styrene Information and Research Center (SIRC), Arlington, Virginia. SIRC ( is a trade association representing interests of the North American styrene industry with its mission being the collection, development, analysis and communication of pertinent information on styrene.

PQT said...
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PQT said...

I'm just stating the facts that are shared in this film. If your association disaproves of the information mentioned in it, well obviously, that's something you have to take up with them. Thank you for leaving a comment. But I'm sure they did their research before releasing this documentary. Thank you once again.